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Elvis' gold sunglasses

This pair of original Neostyle Nautic sunglasses were owned and worn by Elvis 1974-75. They were obtained from his Los Angeles eyewear specialist and friend Hans Fiebig. Several photographs were taken of Elvis wearing these very glasses, both on and off stage.

Eyewear is Hans

EYEWEAR has been Hans Fiebig’s specialty for 65 years.

Hans Fiebig, owner of Hans Custom Optik on Larchmont Blvd., has had his
shop in this neighborhood for 20 years and he loves it here. “It’s the people in
this area who support my business,” says the impeccably dressed 79-year-old.
“People have gotten to know me here, and I’ve gotten to know how people tick.
I’m too old to move, anyway.”

A Letter to Pamela Clark Keogh re: Elvis Presley

This is a letter written by Hans Fiebig to Ms. Pamela Clark Keogh regarding his name being mentioned in her book regarding Elvis Presley.